These 10 Epic Fails Will Put You in Stitches


What follows are a variety of different failures when a well-meaning parent sets out to impress their child by modeling something. A lot of them are from Pinterest posts, but some are just funny projects that only a mother would be proud of.

Grilled Cheese in the Toaster

grilled cheese in the toasterSource: CraftFail

Justin Bieber Meatloaf

bieber meatloafSource: dontpkethebear

This Bieber head looks a bit bloody. This is just plain scary!

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

mickey pancakesSource: smosh

Dog Hot Dog

Dog Hot DogSource: pinstrosity

“My son refused to eat it and said, ‘Why is the plane broken?’  When I told him it was supposed to be a doggie, he became upset and felt that I had ‘killed’ the dog in the oven.  Sigh.  I would have added the eyes and nose but I felt the overall dog body was such a fail that I did not even complete it.  ARGH!  Not even close!!!”

Hedgehog Cake

hedgehog cakeSource: themetapicture

Button Bowl

button bowlSource: pinstrosity

Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

cupcake conesSource: craftfail

My mother used to make these when I was a kid. I don’t think they ever turned out this bad! Thank you mom!

Despicable Me Cake

despicable me cakeSource: pinstrosity

Yeah, just buy the cake at the grocery store next time…

Buzz Lightyear Cake

buzz lightyear cakeSource: pinterest

Origami Fail

origami nazgul

Source: dontpkethebear

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