The University of Texas Tower Made Out of LEGOs


Over the years, I have seen some pretty amazing things built out of LEGOs. From dinosaurs to whole cities, the imagination runs wild with these projects. The following construction of the University of Texas Tower is a very noble pursuit and is a fine specimen of perfection.

As any LEGO aficionado will tell you, there is no way to tell how many pieces you will need from the beginning

u of texas 32

Construction of this tower came from the bottom, with finer details left for the end
u of texas 31

The base had to be sturdy enough so the whole tower wouldn’t crumble onto itselfu of texas 30

Luckily no Kragle was used, but the windows were made from slightly tinted piecesu of texas 29

The windows had to be recessed for the tower to look “right”u of texas 28

The base was made from pieces from a local LEGO storeu of texas 27

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale was an important part of the building
u of texas 26

u of texas 25

Cool upwards shotu of texas 24

One of the many buckets of LEGOs usedu of texas 22

The tower became very unstable the taller it gotu of texas 21 u of texas 20

The buckets of LEGOs just kept coming
u of texas 19

When the windows were first contructed, it fell right overu of texas 18

The cross beamsu of texas 17 u of texas 16

This is about 3/4 of the total amount of pieces orderedu of texas 15 u of texas 14 More cross beamsu of texas 13 An aerial shot of the cross beamsu of texas 11 u of texas 10 Round plastic circles used for the clocksu of texas 9 Paint needs to be appliedu of texas 8 It took a full two days for the paint to dryu of texas 7 u of texas 6 Now the glue needs to dry. NO KRAGLE!!!u of texas 5 Now just the clock needs to be put onu of texas 4 And that’s itu of texas A close upu of texas 3 Another close upu of texas 12 u of texas 1


Source: imgur

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