22 Animals That Think They are Human. I am Laughing So Hard!


We love to think that our pets can understand and communicate with us as if they were really human. These animals just took it to the next level. This even goes beyond portraying our own thoughts and feelings on our pets…

1. What is it? I am on an important call!

animals human 1 2. When Lassie drives I am happyanimals human 3 3. Your feline moment of zenanimals human 2 4. Nothing like relaxing after a long day animals human 4 5. He totally looks like he knows how cute he isanimals human 6 6. On the jobanimals human 5 7. Cats gotta learn housework too…animals human 7 8. Rupert often spends nights out by himselfanimals human 8 9. Just doing like my hoomananimals human 778 10. I always wondered who would water the plants when I go awayanimals human 9 11. Would you hand me the phillips head?animals human 11
12. They make surfing look so easyanimals human 12 13. This is how I like to spend my eveningsaniumal humans 14 14. Sloth got an Aaniumal humans 11r 15. Just checking things outaniumal humans 334 16. Talk about road rage!aniumal humans 1555 17. Fiona, remember when we first got these?aniumal humans 421 18. Just another day at the officeaniumal humans 63 19. He only likes the comicsaniumal humans 4332 20. George just needed a beer after a long dayaniumal humans 5543 21. And you wondered where Sonic got his name fromaniumal humans 2133

22. Cats love Facebook too!animals human 22

I’ll bet you never thought you would see dogs and cats looking so human! Please share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Source: Bored Panda

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