17 Truly Ironic Pics You’ve Got to See to Believe


People often mistake irony for things that simply unfortunate or coincidental.  These pics are irony personified however.  Enjoy!

1. Not so fastened after all

2. Let me out!

ironic pics (21)

3. Almost but not quite

ironic pics (24)

4. I guess the Windseeker gets sick of seeking wind sometimes

ironic pics (3)

5.  Not so sure how authentic this one is…but still funny

ironic pics (15)

6.  No pictures of the photography exhibit

more ironic pictures (4)

7.  This one might be photoshopped..but it’s the thought that counts

ironic pics (17)

8.  Good boy!

ironic pics (11)

9. You sure can see the river

ironic pics (22)

10. This guy took his paintjob a little too seriously

ironic pics (20)

11. Bad planning for packaging?

ironic pics (10)

12. Make up your mind!

ironic pics (4)

13.  Need we say more

ironic pics (18)

14. Might want to hire an editor next time

ironic pics (9)


15. The rainforest wouldn’t agree

ironic pics (23)

16. George Orwell just spun in his grave 1984 times

ironic pics (6)

16. Saving paper? Not with this sign

17.  Please wait to text for those driving tips

ironic pics (13)


Source: BuzzFeed

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